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If you did not pass the inspection, then you will be charged for each additional visit, from $400-$1000! 


I have seen reports where food establishments have failed over 6 times, back-to-back, switching pest control providers, hoping to eliminate their infestation effectively. Unfortunately this is almost never the case, as these companies only exterminate the 20% of adult's, and often miss the 80% of baby roaches that typically don’t venture far from their nest.



The health inspector will perform a 3-week follow-up to ensure your facility remains pest free. But what they know, that probably the business owners dont, is that most cockroaches are resistant to pesticides, including the eggs.

Based on the typical pest control treatments, they will know that during the follow up, your chances of failing are greater.


Don't misinterpret what I am saying here, they are not your enemy, they simply want to point out that your pest control provider is not performing to their standards, giving you the opportunity to hire a specialist to bring your business to compliance. Plus, they would be doing everyone a disservice, if they decided to cut-corners. 


Here is where things get interesting. If you successfully pass, you will have 90-Days to remain pest free! Typically, depending on the circumstances, you should be expecting the health department to show up unannounced 1.5-2 months later. 

If your pest control failed to properly address your infestation, chances are you will once again be in violation, and this time, with a more pesticide-resistant hybrid cockroach.

Failing this inspection will be devastating, as the cycle of reopening starts again. Plus, not to mention the red-flags raised, and your food facility will remain under the radar of the health department. Typically a second, and/or third closure based on the same violation, can have dire consequences. You could lose your permit to operate your business, up to a year.

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