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Combine a warm climate with standing water, and you could easily have a mosquito infestation on your hands. More than just a nuisance to your customers, mosquitoes can transmit multiple harmful diseases, including malaria, yellow and dengue fever, and West Nile virus.


Helps prevent an even bigger infestation from occurring. A single mosquito can multiply into as many as 400 in just four days. And, any amount of standing water – from a tiny puddle to a large ornamental pond – can become a breeding zone.

Helps minimize negative customer experiences. Customers may develop an unfavorable opinion of your business if these annoying and potentially harmful pests are present. This could even erode your profits over time.

Helps reduce health hazards. Mostly known for the red, itchy bites they leave when their saliva causes an allergic reaction on human skin, mosquitoes can pose a more significant health threat because they are known to carry serious diseases.

How can CouncilMen IPM Mosquito Control Program help your business?

Customized Solutions

The most effective prevention strategy for mosquitoes is to eliminate sites where they breed and develop.

CouncilMen IPM will assess your situation quickly and customize a program to fit your business’s needs.



CouncilMen IPM will conduct a detailed site inspection to evaluate possible breeding sites, such as standing water formed by excessive rain, leaks or clogged drains.


Mechanical Control

To keep mosquitoes away from your building, CouncilMen IPM may install sodium vapor bulbs or yellow bulbs in outdoor lights, since they are less attractive to flying insects.



Mesh screens may be installed on all doors and windows to prevent even the smallest mosquitoes from entering through openings.


Habitat Modification

We will work with you to identify things you can do to help eliminate or minimize potential mosquito breeding grounds, such as cleaning gutters frequently, and keeping outdoor receptacles and drainage areas clear of stagnant water.


Chemical Control

As a last resort, CouncilMen IPM may apply an insect growth regulator (IGR) to help prohibit larvae maturation.


Monitoring and Maintenance

CouncilMen IPM will continue to monitor and adjust your mosquito treatment program as necessary. This includes reliable, ongoing inspections of your entire property to help stop existing infestations and thwart future invasions.



“Bug zappers actually make things worse by attracting more mosquitoes …”

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