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In many bed bug lawsuits, documents are produced showing that the property in question has a documented history of bed bug infestations, both in residents’ private rooms and also in public areas of the facility. ​

The significance of bed bug infestations being in public common areas at nursing homes assisted living facilities and retirement communities where senior citizens congregate is that this is most likely how bed bugs spread throughout the campus and into other residents’ rooms.

For example, when a senior citizen resident who has an active bed bug infestation in her room comes down to the lobby to sit with her friends, have tea or read a book, the bed bugs will crawl off of her clothing, or wheelchair, onto the couch, and wait for a new person to sit down.  When the new person sits down, those bed bugs will hitchhike back to that person’s room, where they will continue to breed and multiply.  It is a continuous cycle that persists until the bed bugs are detected and properly treated.

When a resident of these communities picks up bed bugs in a common area and brings the infestation back to her residence, the property manager is likely responsible for any bed bug bites and property damage caused by the infestation.


Senior citizens require extra care when it comes to bed bugs. Senior living facilities, retirement homes and nursing homes all provide care for senior citizens, and also deal with the issue of bed bug infestations and bed bug bites.  Bed bugs are so prevalent in 2020 that the question is not IF bed bugs will show up, but rather, what to do WHEN bed bugs show up where senior citizens live.  Senior citizens have the right to live free of bed bug infestations and bed bug bites, and the property operators are required to take the necessary steps to do so.  When they fail to take proper precautions to deal with bed bugs, senior citizens, and their families, have significant legal claims they can bring to recover compensation for injuries sustained.


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Risk Assessment

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From manual Log books, to cloud-based tracking in realtime, to bed bug addendums, we will equip  your business to avoid another emergency.


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A program, exclusive to senior living/nursing facilities, has been created systematically to address any future infestations.

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