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ESME FLEX food Pest Management Program for Restaurants & Foodservice

Pest-Free Environment, Ultimate Brand Protection.


Your brand is your most important asset. CouncilMen IPM’s ESME Flex food program is designed to protect it. Customers aren’t the only ones who enjoy your food. Cockroaches, rodents, flies, stinging pests, stored product pests and ants are all pests that are commonly found in and around restaurants – and the sight of them can severely damage your reputation.


Our local expertise and experience protecting the foodservice industry means we’ll be able to accurately identify which pest you are dealing with, and help you identify any structural or sanitation issues that may be drawing those pests in. In partnership with you and your employees, CouncilMen IPM will work to put preventative and monitoring strategies into place to help keep pests from entering your location.


Whether it’s a few locations or thousands, we strive to consistently keep your restaurant pest-free. We know you have better things to do than deal with a pest management crisis. As leader in providing pest control for restaurants, CouncilMen IPM can be trusted to keep your kitchen protected.


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