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ESME FLEX™ BODEGA Pest Management Program

Pest Protection That Flexes To Fit Your Needs.


CouncilMen IPM's ESME Flexbodega program is designed to meet the needs of grocery stores and food retailers. We recognize that your pest control requirements can be as varied as your stock, so we offer two tiers of protection to choose from, Choice or Essentials. Each tier can be customized to enhance your ESME Flex bodega pest management program and brand protection goals, delivering critical, proactive prevention in the way only CouncilMen IPM's local expertise can.


Ideal for groceries and big-box retailers, the ESME Flex™ Choice plan takes a strong food safety approach to eliminating pests. Beyond traditional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions, we work to build a strong food safety culture locally in your stores. This means we collaborate with and educate your store teams about pest control to ensure you have a strategic advantage against rodents, flies, insects and birds.


Designed for the mixed-use retail environment with a smaller footprint, or a reduced selection of food products, the ESME Flex™  Essentials plan provides you with a food safety-minded IPM program that protects your brand with just enough flexibility to adjust to your needs.

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