Cockroach Eviction Program

CouncilMen IPM has perfected the cockroach clean-out throughout the years by trial-and-error. We implemented an effective, and strategic approach to flushing the pest out. Not only do we evict the German Cockroach from its harborage, but we ensure new invaders do not move in.




Utilizing state-of-the-art flushing equipment, we thoroughly drive out the cockroaches with an aggressive agent. If I could use one analogy to best describe this process, I would say its similar to tear-gas! Not only does it force them out, but it also doubles as an instant knock-down, giving the pest no chance to escape.

Depending upon the severity of the infestation, and facility equipment, the process could be lengthy, but well worth the time spent driving them out.


With PLATINUM, you get the assurance of a guaranteed† [regulatory agency] food facility inspection pass! Not only will we flush out the pests, but will also apply our Pest Removal Services! We thoroughly remove any, and all traces of cockroaches from the assigned areas, leaving no pest behind! Plus, we will also perform our LITE Exclusion Service, which ensures new cockroaches don't take up residence. Backed with a 30-Day guarantee, including a follow-up, ensuring maximum compliance!

"If I can't find them, neither will the inspector!™"


DIAMOND is exactly what you need when it comes to protecting your brand! You get the best of above, but with several important benefits.

  1. We will apply our Diamond [C]lean™ (Compliance) services, which enables professional dry-steaming, and sanitizing of critical appliances, and areas, that are known to ensure a well-balanced meal for cockroaches. 

  2. We will be present during your re-inspection [violation] of the regulatory-agency, to ensure complete compliance, should the need arise. 

  3. We will back up our service with a 90-Day guarantee, ensuring that you are ready when the health inspector performs his unannounced re-inspection visit (normally anytime after passing your inspection, up to 90 days).

  4. You will receive 3 monthly scheduled visits, plus any additionals at no extra cost.

  5. Utilization of our P∆SS™ (Personal Assistant Support Services) program for 90 days, plus the option to extend it with one of our ESME Flex™ programs. 

This is an exclusive 90-Day program, aimed at ensuring the maximum brand protection for food facilities, especially those with current, and/or past regulatory health & safety violations.

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