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Facilities in the food and beverage industries have equipment and tools that regularly come into contact with oily substances. These materials—grease, food residue, and oily byproducts—have a tendency to build up on equipment.

The residue from these agents can spread across ovens, burners, and vent hoods, and will eventually spread to vents and ceilings as oils splash or byproducts travel through the air. CouncilMen IPM utilizes dry steam cleaning to address these issues:

  • Dry vapor cleaning doesn’t introduce chemicals or harmful levels of moisture.

  • Dry vapor dissolve oils without harsh scrubbing.

  • Steam cleaning doesn’t leave residual traces of grease, ultimately leaving a clean and clear surface.

  • Cleaning and grease removal, plus the process to sanitize food-grade equipment.

Simply put, steam cleaning gives facilities a better, deeper level of sanitation. Steam can reach every surface to break down and remove residue and contaminants. It can reach into the crevices of nearly any equipment, deep into ventilation and drainage systems, and other spaces where employees can’t reach.

CouncilMen IPM currently only offers Diamond [C]lean™: Compliance. 

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