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Commercial Bird Control, Exclusion & Removal


Are Birds Taking Over Your Facility?

Managing birds can be an extremely challenging situation for businesses. Birds are drawn to stores and facilities primarily for food and shelter. While your parking lot or entrances could be providing birds with their next meal, your building’s design and structural elements may also be offering up the perfect place for birds to nest, loaf and roost.

Once they’re there, they won’t want to leave. Birds on, in or near your business can cause serious damage to your brand, property and product.


Risks Associated With Bird Infestations

Bird droppings are unsightly. But, did you know that left undisturbed droppings and nesting materials can cause serious structural damage to buildings and signage? Damage caused by birds can lead to considerable cleaning, repair and maintenance costs. Bird droppings can also cause slip and fall accidents – posing serious injury to your customers and employees.

When found in a store, restaurant, or facility that produces food products, birds also pose a health risk. Bird droppings and nesting material can contaminate food and water, and release airborne spores that can be inhaled by customers and workers. Birds cans also carry disease-causing parasites and attract other pests like fleas, ticks, rats and mice.

Because each bird problem has specific challenges associated with them, CouncilMen IPM collaborates with you to find the best combination of exclusion and other techniques to prevent or correct the bird problem, while meeting budget and environmental handling (harm-free methods) expectations.

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